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This is meant to be a collection of thoughts, notes, presentations, links and helpful resources for myself. Rather than having it all spread out between Browser Bookmarks, Google Drives, Apple iClouds, DropBoxes, and Boxes, I'll just have it all in my own website.

I am more than happy to have you look around and learn a thing or two from what I have learned, but be mindful that this is only for educational purposes and should not be taken as medical recommendations. The doctor taking care of the patient is the one who ultimately makes the final decision as to what applies or not to any specific situation, case or scenario.

Although I generally suck at this, I will always do my best to reference the original author. There are some links from which I will gain a commission. There will never be ads. Yuck!


📖 Table Of Contents

❤️‍🩹 Cardio


🤷🏻‍♂️ Miscellaneous

Airway Management

🦠 ID

Antibiotic Summary


✈️ Helpful Links

All About Physiology

ATS Video Lecture Series

ATS Fellowship Toolkit

ATS Reading List: To become a "well read" fellow

🖥️♥️ ECHO

To Register for ECHO Boards: I am mainly interested in the CCEeXAM, but Cardiology Fellows should look into the requirement for the ASCeXAM

Best Overall ECHO Website: I would recommend it if you are interested in the ASCeXAM, gives you a free report.

Biggest Library of ECHO Images I Could Find

Best Interactive ECHO Module:  Very helpful to visualize the views and movement of probe

Great ECHO quizzes and TEE views

ECHO Chamber Quantification


Textbook of Critical Care