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The Resident Guide to Clinical Documentation

The "Resident Guide Video Course" by Dr. Robert Oubre is designed to help medical students, interns, residents and fellows improve their clinical documentation skills. The course focuses on creating efficient and effective notes that benefit patients, attendings, and hospital billing. It includes small video segments, a "Note-Writing Playbook," and a billing chart. The goal is to reduce the time spent on documentation, prevent mistakes, and prepare for real-world medical practice. This course costs $70.

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The Practical Guide to Attending Documentation

"The Practical Guide to Attending Documentation" by Dr. Robert Oubre is designed for inpatient attending physicians, NPs, PAs, and senior residents. The course helps improve billing accuracy, reduce time spent on documentation, and protect against lawsuits. It covers professional billing, HPI, physical exams, labs, radiology reports, and discharge summaries. The course includes 3.5 hours of CME credit and costs $197.

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